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Dejavato Foundationís voluntary projects in Indonesia are automatically compiled in our database in which you can search based on the types or sequence of times. These data offer you detailed description and information about the whole projects we organized in a year.

Mid/Long-Term Project (M/LTV)

Code DJMTV-1320
Project Name Marsudi Utami Slum Project
Periode 0000-01-00 to 0000-12-00
No. Vols 1

Background: SD Marsudi Utami is a private nonprofit elementary school owned by Yayasan Penyelenggara Ilahi Indonesia (YPII). YPII is Catholic Church organization active on education, health, pastoral and social development. In July 1987 Sr. Lucia N. Handayani from education department of YPII initiated Marsudi Utami Elementary school. SD Marsudi Utami has 112 students consist of 15 students in the 1st grad, 21 students in the 2nd grade, 17 students in the 3rd grade, 19 students in the 4th grade, 19 students in the 5th grade, and 21 students in the 6th grade. Th school has facilities such 6 classrooms for the 1st until 6th grade, 1 principal room, 1 teacher room, 1 library, cooking laboratory, compost processing spot, and cafeteria. Unfortunately the students need to move to Marsudi Utami junior high school every time they have computer class since the school doesn’t have computer laboratory.
The school serves the children from the local community and helps the disadvantaged families who cannot afford to send their children to school. As most of them coming from very low income family, they have to struggle with their life especially how to get the food. As consequences, they are also facing problem how to support the school finance of their children.
Seeing the facts above, the local teachers realize that the students will facing problem in the future because they will not be able to continue their study after graduating from the elementary school. So, the teachers stimulate and provide extra activities for the students such as making compost, making handicraft / souvenir and cooking lesson. Then the students sell the stuffs to the churches, local community, teachers from other schools etc. The teachers hope that even though the students can not go for higher education, at least they will have extra skill to support their life.
Work: As the students coming from poor family, they do not have enough nutritious food for their daily meals. The volunteers cook nutritious & healthy food for the lunch of students. Besides, the students suggested to organize a workshop for local mothers especially how to make simple healthy food for their children.
The students collect wastes from their homes to the school. Then the students organize to make compost. The volunteers will assist the students how to make compost. By this way the volunteers will learn how to make compost in traditional way. The students make compost for sale, the fund is for their school tuition.
Study Theme: The volunteer will be introduced wth the model of studying and learning of children in the local area,
Leisure Time: During free time, the volunteer can play traditional games with children in the village, visiting Sam Poo Kong temple to see acculturation among Islam and Chinese, and see around Semarang city.
Accommodation: The volunteer will be accommodate with local host family (the condition is in Indonesian style), and food.
Location: The school is located in crowded and slum area in Semarang suburb on the river side of Banjir Kanal Barat which always deals with river flood every year. This workcamp will be held in Kalipancur village, Semarang City.
Terminal: Semarang airport, railway station and bus terminal
Special Requirements: None
Participant Fee: To be clarified (International or national volunteers)