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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

You would find most of the answer for your questions in this page. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us info@dejavato.or.id 
At the moment our projects mostly are in Sumatra, Jawa, Bali and Sulawesi Island. In overseas, we have cooperation for sending volunteers through CCIVS, ICYE Federation, NVDA and Alliance.
Most of the projects held in January - March, July - September and November – December.
How is Dejavato funded?
Dejavato is supported mainly through participation fees of the volunteers who join the programs. So far we do not get any financial support or grant through government. We are welcome for any grants and donations from individuals or institutions.
Who can participate in Dejavato programs?
We are open to anyone who is interested in joining our programs. Some programs need requirements such as background and minimum age of 18 years old. Some other programs such as Weekend Workcamp and StudEx have minimum age of 12 years old.
How to apply Dejavato program?
For foreigners 
You cannot apply directly to Dejavato as we are hosting organization thus you should find a sending organization in your origin country or country where you are living now. Find a program which is suitable for you then contact your sending organization to apply. You have to follow all the procedures directed by sending organization. Your sending organization will facilitate your communication with Dejavato (hosting organization).  You will get confirmation from your sending organization, after they get confirmation from Dejavato.
For Indonesians
You can directly apply program to Dejavato. Find a program which is suitable for you then download and fill inthe application form. The participation fee later is paid upon our bank account. In 3-5 working days you will get confirmation accepted or rejected, for this the participation fee we will give you in return.
For being a Dejavato volunteer
You can directly apply to Dejavato via email or visit our office in working days (Monday – Friday). The application form can be downloaded from our website.
Any certain requirements to join Dejavato programs?
Typically there are no special requirements for each program unless otherwise stated. The vast majority of our volunteers are committed to working for the common goals of the project. If you are only interested in tourism or a cheap vacation, please do not apply for our project.
What are types of work?
There are several types of work that we organize such as construction, renovation, environment, conservation, culture, social, health, education, agriculture, elderly people, orphanage, disabled, etc.
What kind of programs Dejavato has?
We have several main programs that we organize based on host community and volunteer needs such as International workcamp, weekend workcamp, Mid Long Term Volunteer, student exchange, Dejavato cares, internship, etc.
What about a project length?
Short-term projects (2 weeks); MTV/STePs (4 – 12 weeks), LTV ( 5 – 6 months)
Any insurance?
Dejavato does not cover any insurance for volunteers. The volunteers should have their own insurance. Dejavato does will not responsible for the health problem, death and repatriation costs of the volunteers.
What language is used in the project?
Indonesian and English are mostly used for the communication during the program.
What kind of accommodation?
A volunteer will stay in a host family or boarding school/projects. It is also depend on the availability from the project.
Can I work and earn money through Dejavato programs?


NO!!!  As it is against Indonesian immigration law.

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