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My dream is to become a teacher who give children fun to learn and grow students who contribute for World Peace. So I have studied sociology and geography in Soka University in Japan. However, teachers are too busy to improve their skill in Japan. In addition, sometimes they died from overwork, so I came up with a idea. “I don't have to became teacher in Japan. There will be another way that became Japanese teacher in other country.” Then, I found this program on the Internet.  


When I arrived at SMA Bukateja in Indonesia, I made up mind that I'll do my best to give student a good influence. However rather than it was often learn from the Indonesian people. Student are so kind, powerful and passionate, so I got power from them. In classes, we sung “Mirai – Kiroro” that is very famous song among students, danced “Bon Odori” Japanese traditional dance with “Yukata” and make a butterfly(Kupu-kupu) with origami. I was vigilant that student were able to learn Japanese and Japanese culture naturally. For example, when we make “Kirigami” of Sakura, I ask them to try to write their dream and name by using “Katakana”. “Katakana” is very difficult for them(they often said Katakana like secret codes), but they worked hard to write it by themselves. Also, some students gave me presents; batik, key holder and blangkon. Through this experience, I felt that kindness of Indonesia and people live in here as same as Japan. Then, I could think around that World is connected certainly.  
Students often said to me “Don't forget me! Masato!” in final day. When they said this, I said “When you ride a bike; Kawasaki, Honda or Yamaha, when you eat Mie Bakso that made from seasoning by Aji no moto, when you take a rest under air conditioner made by Mitsubishi or SHARP, You can remember about me and Japan.” “Please come to Japan someday. I'm waiting for you. Even if you were not able to come to Japan, you and me are connected by heart.” I also said to brilliant student “I believe your stage is the world, and let's study Japanese and English to connect Japan and Indonesia, please. I'll do also.”.
I'm so sad to say “goodbye”, but I'll come to Indonesia again. In addition, I have a lot of friends who oath to meet again each other. I love Indonesia and Bukateja!! SEMANGAT!!!

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